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A Shack in the Woods

Back in the woods, through 300 yards of knee-deep mud, past a hardwoods clearing and into a quiet, peaceful cedar swamp, sits a 6-by-6-foot deer blind.

Death In The Long Grass

More and more states are allowing hunters of any age and physical ability to carry crossbows during the regular archery season. Here’s what you need to know to be successful.

Terrible Torque

An improper bow grip can lead to erratic arrow flight and poor accuracy.

Going Guided for Big Bucks

If you're looking for a true record-class pronghorn and want to go guided, here are some suggestions from booking agent Wade Derby of Crosshair Consulting.

North To Alaska

In years to come, whitetail hunters might be booking trips to the last frontier.

Bear Goulash

When you think bear meat you're probably thinking sausage and jerky, right? Give this bear goulash recipe a chance and we bet you'll change your mind.

Fluid Break

When you hunt as much as Mark Kayser does there isn't much down-time. But when there is he makes sure all of his vehicles, tractors and ATVs are topped off with quality fluids.

Should I Fix My Dog?

Contrary to long-standing myths, neutering hunting dogs doesn't reduce their drive, stamina or performance; in fact, it might lead to more stability and consistent behavior.

Winchester's .17 Win. Super Mag.

In terms of topnotch rimfire performance, the new .17 win. super mag. Delivers in spades.

Checklist for Fall Squirrels

15 tips and techniques for re-connecting with a game animal many of us cut our teeth on.

Mathews Minute Monday: Eyes Wide Open

Do you close your non-dominate eye when shooting your bow? If so, you might want to rethink what your doing—Luke Hartle explains why.

Deer Decoy Scent Strategies

Decoys must be free of human odor or they’ll scare deer as soon as they get downwind of them.


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