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Photos From My SD Hunt
Here are a few of my favorite photos from my South Dakota pheasant hunt last fall.

 photo 423d87ae-6a60-4d4c-9988-f185426b607c_zpsa614acbb.jpg
The crew! Some how I ended up front and center?

 photo a67f834d-c3f3-40ca-ac7d-b106beb324d0_zps945dd1d8.jpg
Death in Hand. Something about this photo makes me want to go shoot some pheasants. How about you?

 photo 4eb6d7fd-2f3d-49d8-96ca-6ed77942096e_zps667128a4.jpg
An awesome action shot. Don't worry the photo was taken from a safe distance with an expensive camera lens.

 photo f559bd55-21c3-4dc3-bd71-8d1ec264f3f8_zpsfce05cc7.jpg
Basket Full-o'-Pheasants 

Please share some of your photos.
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Re: Photos From My SD Hunt
Love the old truck in the first one...That third one looks like a scarey place to be when the pic was takeneek

In the first pic the guy in the back on the right looks like a member that used to post a lot in the old Minnesota forum ... Is that TGJ from the old boards?

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Re: Photos From My SD Hunt
I heard the Minnesota population got hammered this year due to the combination of deep snow and brutal cold. No food and nowhere to hide took its toll. 

Anyone heard how the birds in the Dakotas are doing?
Luke Hartle
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Re: Photos From My SD Hunt
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SD is a great place to hunt, if you are around Pierre, stay at the Ramcota Inn, very dog friendly, good food, great bar and they make you feel at home.