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bear hunting mn
what do you do when the acorns drop in mn and the bears quit hitting your baits ?

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Re: bear hunting mn
I just saw this post or I surely would've responded earlier ... but unfortunately, it's still relevant because the Minnesota acorn crop was huge this year.

I, too, am running into massive problems with bears ignoring baits due to natural food sources ... and my best advice is to hang in there. I know it seems illogical that a bear would abandon a huge pile of sweets and treats to go vacuum acorns one-by-one, but that's Mother Nature's way of letting the bears know that they need the protein provided by natural forage. Donuts taste good, but they won't carry a bear through hibernation. 

The good news is that acorns don't last forever, and the bears will return and September gives way to October and their appetites really ramp up. 

In the mean time, try to get a schedule on any bear still working your bait. Bears are creatures of habit, and even though a regular might be focusing on acorns at the moment, it's likely that it'll still wander through now and again to keep tabs on the bait site. Figure out that pattern and you've done 99 percent of the work to killing that particular bruin.
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