Browns QB Brian Hoyer expected Week 1 starter

Browns QB Brian Hoyer expected Week 1 starter

The Cleveland Browns are expecting quarterback Brian Hoyer to be their Week 1 starter. We'll see what Johnny Manziel has to say about that in the coming weeks.

According to Bob Holtzman, an ESPN reporter, the Cleveland Browns fully expect Brian Hoyer to be the starter for Week 1. A player within the organization revealed to Holtzam, "We're all expecting Hoyer to start." This decision does not come as surprising considering earlier this week Mike Pettine, head coach of the Browns, revealed Johnny Manziel may only be a "package quarterback."

Fantasy Analysis

If last year was any indication of what Hoyer can accomplish with the Browns, I feel as if there is no reason to place Manziel in the starting lineup this early. Before Hoyer's ACL tear, he averaged 300 yards in his first two games as a starter and threw five touchdowns, leading his team to two victories. The Browns organization would be smart to give Manziel at least a year to fully learn the offense, while letting Hoyer lead the team in 2014. With the probable suspension of Josh Gordon though, Hoyer is left throwing to Jordan Cameron, Andrew Hawkins, Miles Austin and Nate Burleson, not the most formidable of receiving options. Without Gordon, Hoyer is currently only a waiver wire QB.

Source: Bob Holtzman via Twitter

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